OCTOBER 21st 2006

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On 21st October 2006 Hannie and Anja of the Dutch Queen Fan Club had organised another Queen Fan Club meeting. Due to the amounts of tickets sold in advance, they had to decide that this would be the last Queen Fan Club Meeting. This is bad news, because these meetings have been organised perfectly for many years by these two ladies. One can understand that the financial risk of organising such a day is just too big if not enough tickets can be sold. The good news is that a large number of tickets were sold at the entrance of the venue after all. I hope new ideas will come up for making another Queen Fan Club meeting happen in 2007.

As usual there were market stalls, a lottery, an auction, karaoke, special guests and the grand finale was a live concert by the Dutch Queen tribute band Miracle. 

The venue opened at 12:00 hrs but I arrived at 13:00 hrs. and soon I met Peter Freestone. It's always nice to meet this kind person.
The Peter Freestone interview session was about to start. He answered questions from the audience and told some funny memories about Freddie. Some details he told us had some deeper emotional impact. These moments are to be cherished.

Hanny was congratulated by the guests and the audience for running the Dutch Queen Office for 25 years and gifts were presented. She also got personal postcards from Brian and Roger, and was really moved while reading them aloud. Jacky Smith who runs the Official International Queen Fan Club was present also and stood by her side (together with Anja who had secretly arranged the realisation of the presents for Hannie). To celebrate her 25th anniversary Hannie said: "Let them eat cake!" and two very huge cakes were presented and we all got a piece of it.

The presentation of Greg Brooks is always very special because he always brings Queen material to listen to. Some very rare demos!
This time we could listen to FACE IT ALONE, a rare demo of PARTY and some great takes of the recording of SOMEBODY TO LOVE. I think that in total we listened to 8 different demos of various songs. Just great.

Some nice items could be won during the lottery and also the auction had some special items, such as a pair of jeans, signed by Brian, a pair of shoes, signed by Brian also. (sold for 420 Euros)

One of the contestants of the Karaoke was a guy who sang BARCELONA together with Karin ten Cate. She's the lady who has been touring around the Netherlands with the Rock Opera Barcelona, performing the complete album. What a great voice. I bought the dvd of the Rock Opera Barcelona from her and she was willing to sign it for me.

The finale was, as said, a live concert of tribute band Miracle. Johnnie's voice (leadsinger) disappointed me at first but after a couple of tracks he got better and better. the overall show was fantastic with a great light show, smoke and fireworks. I must say the musicians of Miracle are just phenomenal. No exception! Guitarist, bass player, keyboards and not to forget the drummer, they were all really phantastic. Miracle announced a very special guest: ROBBIE VALENTINE, he performed a couple of songs together with Miracle.

We met a lot of friends there, André, Mark, Paul, Steven, Cathrine, Maaike (the 7 of us are the steady close group of friends that visit Queen events over the "world".) I also met Barbra, aka YourValentin (Queenzone). Luckily she recognised me because otherwise we probably wouldn't have met! I had a little chat with Jacky, Peter and Greg. 
Also some people I only knew through e-mail approached me so we could finally meet in person. We talked with more Queen fans of course and had some very nice chats. 

And this is what these kind of meetings of conventions is all about: meeting friends, making new ones and enjoying the music of QUEEN.