2004 release

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On February 18th 2004 I received the first batch of the newly released Japanese cardboard sleeve cd's.
At this point the first 8 albums are re-released:
Queen - Queen II - Sheer Heart Attack - A Night At The Opera - A Day At The Races - News Of The World - Jazz - The Game.
The artwork is stunning and it's a complete replica of the original vinyl albums. (Gatefold) sleeves as the original ones.
Even the innersleeves (of the original album) are there. Jazz has a mini fold-out bicycle poster attached to the sleeve.
The cd itself has the original centre-label as on the vinyl album.
The quality of the material and printing is perfect and the soundquality is awesome.
If you got some money to spend - add these items to your collection! Of course EMI should release this worldwide. 
Right now (April 2004) this collection can be bought through the official Queen website.

On March 2nd 2004 I received another 6 cardboard cd's and on April 2nd the two Made In Heaven cd's

Later in 2004 I decided to also buy the 3 live albums as Japanese Cardboard cd's.