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On 2nd May 2007 together with my friends André and Mark I visited a theatre show of the Dutch a-capella quartet Rock4.

This turned out to be a surprising event with 4 very talented guys with true professional voices.
The set before the break contained a series of Queen songs such as It's A Beautiful Day, Killer Queen, Good Old Fashioned Loverboy and Somebody To Love.
This last song was a real amazing treat because they had turned it into a blues song. Very moving to hear such a new interpretation. (the audience was divided into 3 groups and we all had to sing "Find me... somebody to love"
The second part of the show was a performance of the complete A Night At The Opera album.
One would think this just could not be done, only by 4 voices, but they succeeded in an overwhelming way.
It was a great evening, the show lasted for two hours.

And nobody played instruments...
only 4 heavenly voices!

Take a look at their website:

Here are some tracks to illustrate what they are capable of (rightclick - save target)

 - It's A Beautiful Day
(5.328 KB)

- You're My Best Friend
(8.379 KB)

- '39
(8.157 KB)

- The Prophet's Song 
(18.471 KB)