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The book A Village Lost And Found - by Brian May and Elena Vidal - about stereoscopic pictures has inspired me to try and make some stereo pictures myself.

One method to do this with a regular camera is to make - of course - 2 pictures of one object, and with the first picture you put your weight onto your left leg and with the other picture you put your weight on your right leg. Here are some examples of what I've tried. To see the 3D effect you have to focus and watch with cross-eyed view. Sometimes it helps when you put your hands besides your eyes making a round hole with them. In that way you block out the view of the left and right of the screen and the images will (while looking with crossed eyes) melt into one.

stereo Brian statue.jpg (136202 bytes) stereo Freddie statue owl.jpg (143960 bytes)
stereo statues2.jpg (141457 bytes)
stereo statues3.jpg (128497 bytes) stereo statues4.jpg (121198 bytes)

stereo_christmas.jpg (301002 bytes)

stereo kerstboom.jpg (129876 bytes)