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Queen London

Some of the following is based on the route formerly taken by the Fan Club's bus tours, which sadly no longer run. It's best to get an 'all zone travelcard' for the day if you're going to attempt them all - get up early and stay out late :) Many of the stops are close to tube stations, and in all instances, we've put which one is closest - however, some of the sites need to be got to with a further short walk. Where possible, we've given directions. You can pick up a free tube map from underground stations. It's probably a good idea to buy a 'London A-Z' too. If you're unfamiliar with the London Underground (Tube trains) system, here's a key to how they are colour coded on the maps:

Bakerloo Line - Brown

Northern Line - BLACK

Central Line - RED

Piccadilly Line - DARK BLUE

Circle Line - YELLOW

Victoria Line - LIGHT BLUE

District Line - GREEN

Jubilee Line - SILVER

Metropolitan Line - PURPLE


We've divided them up into areas of London, so you can see several things at once. There is also a suggested bus tour for the West London section. Please remember that some of the following are now private residencies, or working businesses, so will not appreciate being bugged to "look around inside - go on - just for a minute" Please respect other people's privacy.

All photographs are İCreative Options 1998 unless marked with an *

West London
Bus Tour 1:

Start at Hammersmith station. Go upstairs to the bus station, leave by the by the south exit, and across the road, under the flyover is...

Hammersmith (formerly Hammersmith Odeon)
One of London's premier live venues, most of the top bands in the world have played here at some time or another. Queen played some of their earliest gigs here, the first being on December 14th, 1973, their first major gig in London, supporting Mott The Hoople. Their last gig here was on the Crazy Tour, December 1979.
TUBE: Hammersmith (Piccadilly, District & Metropolitan Lines)

Then go back to the station and take the 209 bus towards Barnes.

Brian and Chrissie married here on May 29th 1976.
TUBE: Hammersmith (Piccadilly Line, District Line & Metropolitan Line)
Once over Hammersmith Bridge, you'll see the church on the right as you drive along Castlenau, just before the library.

OLYMPIC STUDIOS, Church Road, Barnes
One of London's major recording studios, many top bands record here. Queen recorded part of Night At The Opera here, including Bohemian Rhapsody, in 1975. A great deal of The Miracle was recorded here in 1989
TUBE: Hammersmith (Piccadilly Line, District Line & Metropolitan Line)
It's the large building on the corner, on the right just as you turn into Church Road off of Castlenau.

Brian lived here with his wife and children a few years ago.
TUBE: Hammersmith (Piccadilly Line, District Line & Metropolitan Line)

FERRY ROAD, Barnes. All the band lived in a house here in the Seventies.
TUBE: Hammersmith (Piccadilly, District & Metropolitan lines)

16a High Street Barnes.
Here you can meet the people who make the fan club tick - Jacky and Val. You can buy Queen merchandise here, see original gold discs, chat to other fans, etc.
TUBE: Hammersmith (Piccadilly Line, District Line & Metropolitan Line). Go up the nearest escalator to the bus station above. Get the 209 bus from gate C. Get off the bus one stop past Barnes Pond, walk in same direction as the bus for about 20 seconds. 16a is written on the gate, sadly the plaque got stolen! Walk up the alley and press the door buzzer. The office opens at 2pm and closes at 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Freddie was cremated here in a quiet family service on November 27th 1991. His ashes are no longer here, and there is no memorial or plaque.

Empire Way, Wembley
The venue for the Live Aid concert in 1985 and where Queen played on the Magic Tour in 1986. It was also here that the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for Aids Awareness was held, in 1992. Walking along the underpass from the station, you can see the mosaic mural which features Freddie at Live Aid (pic below).
TUBE: Wembley Park (Bakerloo Line)
As shown in the GVH1 DVD, the Wembley Stadium has been demolished. Live at Wembley Stadium? Those were the days!

Empire Way, Wembley
Formerly, the Empire Pool, Queen played here on the 1978 toiur, and again on the 1980 tour.
TUBE: Wembley Park (Bakerloo Line)

Engineers Way, Wembley
(now called Phoenix Sound)

In Engineers Way, just next to Wembley Arena, is a studio now called C.T.S. It was once called De Lane Lea, and it was here that Queen recorded their very first demo tapes. It's now used to record music for films and television.
TUBE: Wembley Park (Bakerloo Line)

EALING COLLEGE (now called Thames Valley University)
Freddie studied here when he came to the UK. He met Tim Staffell, who was in the same class, and played his first gig with Wreckage here. Freddie used to practice his harmonies in the toilets. The bar within the College was renamed "Freddie's Bar" in his honour! Directly opposite the college entrance is a pub called 'The Castle', which is where Freddie, Tim and their friends used to drink.
TUBE: Ealing Broadway (Central and District lines). Walk down the High Street into St Mary's Road, it's about a five minute walk to the College.  

Most of the Innuendo album was recorded here, and it was the last studio that Freddie worked in - the video for Headlong was filmed here, and the outside of the studio was used as the backdrop for the opening section of the Innuendo video. Some of the "final" Queen album was also recorded here in early March 1994.
TUBE: Turnham Green. (District and Piccadilly lines) Turn left out of the station and walk to the top of the road, turn left again. The studio is set back off the road next to the Bus Station.  

THE TOWNHOUSE STUDIOS, Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush
A famous London recording studio, Queen have worked here many times - it was one of Freddie's favourites. A Kind Of Magic was partly recorded here, as was most of The Miracle, Freddie's Barcelona, part of The Cross's Shove It and some of Brian's Back To The Light.
TUBE: Goldhawk Road (Metropolitan Line) Turn left out of the station and cross the road, the studio is a few minutes walk.  

Formerly the home of the BBC show 'Top of the Pops' where Queen recorded their first ever UK TV performance of Killer Queen. Now a live venue - The Cross have played here, as have the SAS Band.
TUBE: Shepherds Bush (Central Line)
Come out of Station, turn left, walk until you come to Shepherd Bush Green, then turn right.

Part of A Night At The Opera was recorded here, also Bohemian Rhapsody.
ANATO was mixed here.

Kensington & Chelsea

Freddie once lived here with Mary in the early seventies. The bands first proper photo session was done by Doug Puddifoot here - and many of those photos were used on the back of the bands first album.
TUBE: Olympia (District Line). Olympia isn't always open, so use Shepherds Bush - Holland Road is almost directly opposite across the Green and 100 is a fair way down on the left.

All of the band members shared a flat here in the early 70s.
TUBE: Olympia (Piccadilly Line)
Come out of station, turn right, then next left - Sinclair Road is opposite.

45-53 Sinclair Road, W14
Also in Sinclair Road, this small studio was used for many band rehearsals - last used by Brian May to rehearse for his back To The Light Tour 1993.
TUBE: Olympia (Piccadilly Line)
Come out of the station, turn right, then next left - Sinclair Road is opposite.

Russell Gardens, W14
Many band meetings took place in this pub, as the band members lived nearby. It was the pub where Freddie met Brian and Roger, where Freddie met Mary and where Roger met John Harris.
TUBE: Olympia (District Line) or use Shepherds Bush when Olympia is closed. Russell gardens is almost opposite 100 Holland Road.

Earls Court Road, W8
Used to be 'the' place to play in London, Queen played here in June 1977.
TUBE: Earls Court ( District, Circle & Piccadilly Lines)
NOTE: Warwick Road Station exit. You can't miss it :)

Logan Place
Where Freddie lived, and died on Sunday November 24th 1991. Mary Austin now lives here with her children and Freddie's cats. Don't climb the walls and please don't write messages on them - they have been cleaned and are now coated with anti-grafitti paint. Please respect the neighbouring properties - they don't want messages on their walls just because you can't leave one on Freddies.
TUBE: Earls Court ( District, Circle & Piccadilly Lines)
NOTE: Earls Court Road Station exit. Come out of the station, turn left, walk until you come to main junction (West Cromwell Road). Cross this, and Logan Place is the first turning on the left after you enter the continuation of Earls Court Road on the other side.

The first flat that Freddie bought.
TUBE: High Street Kensington (District & Circle Lines)

Kensington Church Street
John and Veronica married here on 18th January 1975.
TUBE: High Street Kensington (District & Circle Lines).
It's a church - What else can we say?

Kensington High Street, W8
Freddie and Roger both had a stall on the top floor of the Market in the early seventies, selling clothes and art (Freddie sold many of his own paintings and drawings here). Freddie remained at the market, selling shoes, even as Queen released their first album.
TUBE: High Street Kensington (District & Circle Lines)
Come out of Station (main entrance), turn right, and walk about 200 yards. Sadly the Market is now closed to the public awaiting re-development.

Kensington Gore, W8
Smile played here in 1969 and had a photo session on the steps (see above). Then Brian May played here on the Back To The Light Tour in 1993. Queen were going to play here in 1982, but it was cancelled. This was also the very first venue for the Freddie Mercury Photographic Exhibition, in November 1996. They usually do tours, but due to refurbishment (which won't be finished till 2002) they've stopped it for now.
TUBE: High Street Kensington (District & Circle Lines)
Come out of station (main entrance), turn right and it's about a 15 minute walk. Fabulous venue. And check out the statue of Prince Albert opposite - someone once remarked he looked like Freddie!!

Kensington, W8
Brian studied at the college, and Smile played so many early gigs here that they became known as the 'College Band'. This was where Queen were born when Mike Grose joined them in 1970. It was where John Deacon was auditioned in 1971. Freddie also played here with his former band Wreckage, and in 1969 with Sour Milk Sea. They get a lot of people visiting, but there's really nothing to see except the building itself.
TUBE: High Street Kensington (District & Circle Lines)
Come out of station (main entrance), turn right and it's about a 15 minute walk. Imperial College is behind the Albert Hall.

THE PHEASANTRY, Kings Road, Chelsea
Queen played here in November, 1972.
TUBE: Sloane Square (District & Circle Lines)

CHELSEA COLLEGE, Manresa Road, Chelsea (just off the Kings Road)
Where John studied and received his degree in Electronics.
TUBE: Sloane Square (District & Circle Lines)

THE KENSINGTON REGISTRY OFFICE, Chelsea Town hall, Kings Road, Chelsea.
Roger married Dominique here on 25th January 1988. Freddie was a witness.
TUBE: Sloan Square (District & Circle lines)

Central London

Northumberland Avenue
A Kind Of Magic video shot here
TUBE: Embankment (Northern, Bakerloo, Circle and District Lines)
Come out of station, NOT the river exit, turn left, it's on other side of the road, past the bridge.

Under The Arches, Villiers Street, Charing Cross
Nightclub. Favourite haunt of Freddie's in the 80s. Biggest club in Europe. Great lights :)
TUBE: Embankment (Northern, District, Circle & Bakerloo Lines) & Charing Cross (Northern, Bakerloo and Jubilee Lines). If you're going to go - Tuesday night is 'straight' night - rest of the week is gay. (Freddie was most often there on Saturdays)

LYCEUM BALLROOM, Catherine Street WC2 (near Aldwych)
Queen played here on the Crazy Tour, 1979.
TUBE: Charing Cross (Northern, Jubilee & Bakerloo Lines) Come out of main entrance, turn left, cross the Strand and it's about 10 minutes walk on the left.

We Are The Champions video shot here. "Cats" is now playing there.
TUBE: Holborn (Piccadilly & Central Lines).

Queen played their famous huge, free 'picnic by the Serpentine' gig here in 1976. Surprisingly not that close to the Serpentine, in fact, but in the Marble Arch quadrant :) Take a picnic. Feed the birds. Tuppence a bag. Get a boat on the Serpentine. Watch out for rollerbladers.
TUBE: Marble Arch (Central Line)
There are a lot of exits to this station, but all are very well signposted for Hyde Park. Follow the signs to 'Speakers Corner'

ROCK CIRCUS, London Pavilion, Piccadilly
This is a rock n roll wax museum. There's a figure of Freddie in there, and a very brief video clip of him at Live Aid, and that's it. Unless you want to see other stuff related to other artistes, it's not really worth paying the £5 or so entrance fee just to see Freddie.
TUBE: Piccadilly (Piccadilly Line)

THE MARQUEE, Charing Cross Road, London WC1
Queen played at the 'original' Marquee on Wardour Street in January 1971. Famous for launching many bands over the years, it's now been redesigned and renamed 'The Moon Under Water' - a theme bar. *sigh*
TUBE: Tottenham Court Road (Central & Northern Lines) & Leicester Square (Piccadilly & Northern Lines) Out of either station, walk along Charing Cross Road.

North London

THE SHAW THEATRE, Euston Road, London NW1
Queen used this small theatre near Kings Cross station to rehearse their famous 'Live Aid' set. Now being refurbished. Nothing really to see nowadays. The pub to the side of the theatre was a regular haunt for band and crew during rehearsals!
TUBE: Euston (Northern & Victoria Lines)
Come out of station onto Euston Road. Turn left - it's about a five minute walk. The Shaw Theatre is just before the new British Library building.

Finsbury Park
Queen played here in 1974 - the Christmas show was filmed and appears in Box Of Tricks. The Rainbow was orginally the Astoria cinema, as part of a famous chain (another one of which is still in Charing Cross Road, which was used for one of the fan club xmas parties. It's now a live venue). The Finsbury Park Rainbow had a period as a live venue in the 70s and 80s, (Elton John performed here, and it was the venue for the original stage version of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy) and is now used as a methodist church.
TUBE: Finsbury Park (Piccadilly & Victoria Lines)
Come out of station (main entrance), turn right, and right again onto Seven Sisters Road. It's about 2 minutes walk. Great looking building.

TOTTENHAM MAYFAIR, (now different named club) next to library on High Road N17
Crazy Tour
TUBE: Seven Sisters (Victoria Line) Come out of station and turn left up towards Tesco. Catch a bus going towards Enfield. Avoid it on Saturday nights. See Tiffany's.

Alexandra Park, Wood Green N10
Crazy Tour
TUBE: Wood Green (Piccadilly Line) There is a bus service (W3) that goes direct to 'Ally Pally' Worth going to, if only for the excellent views over London (It's the second highest point in London, looking down into the vast Thames valley)

Out of the way

Barcelona video shot here.
TUBE: Uxbridge (Piccadilly & Metropolitan Lines) Come out of station and get a taxi - it's the only way! (It'll cost about £6) Note - You won't be able to go inside the studios.

TIFFANY'S, Brighton Road, Purley
Crazy Tour. Unless you're the sort of person who wears white stilletoes and dances round your handbag, avoid this one at all costs.

TIFFANY'S, Brighton Road, Purley
Crazy Tour. Unless you're the sort of person who wears white stilletoes and dances round your handbag, avoid this one at all costs.

BRIXTON ACADEMY, 211 Stockwell Road, SW9
Brian played here and the show was filmed for his 'Live at...' video.
TUBE: Brixton (Victoria Line) Come out of station, turn right. It's about a five minute walk on the other side of the road.