January 23rd and 24th 2008
Last try-out and PREMIERE


Just one month before the Premiere of the WWRY musical in Vienna I was surprised by getting tickets for this premiere and the afterparty.
(In the picture section on this site you'll find images of tickets, VIP passes, pictures of the event) Together with Mark I flew to Vienna on January 23rd. What a beautiful city this is! We had booked the Golden Tulip hotel that has the Raimund Theater practically on it's doorstep. We couldn't have made a better choice. At one moment we saw Pete (who takes care of Brian's guitar) in the surroundings of the theatre so we knew for sure Brian would be in Vienna too. (just as he had stated on his website) 

final try-out - January 23rd
Right after arriving in Vienna we did some sight-seeing and late in the afternoon we decided to get two standing tickets (all other tickets were sold out) so we could attend the last tryout. This proved to be a great appetizer for the Premiere the next evening. What a show! Cast and musicians are superb. 

PREMIERE - January 24th
During the day we saw the preparations for Premiere night. Moving lights were placed around the front of the theatre and a big one (laser beam or better some kind of Super Trouper) was pointing it's lightbeam across the Vienna sky. A red carpet was placed before the entrance.
During the hours before the start of the show the crowd outside Raimund Theater grew steadily. Some camera crews and hot shots were arriving. At 18.15 we collected our VIP tickets and also the VIP tickets for the afterparty. Some Austrian friends helped us to recognize the "who is who" of Austrian VIP's like actors, actresses and politicians. We also saw Rudi Dolezal and members of the Austrian Queen fan club. It was good to see those members could be part of this premiere evening.

Having also attended the World premiere in London and the premiere in Cologne I do know those evenings are different to those where Queen fans attend. The VIP's hesitate to join in during the famous hand-clapping of Radio Ga Ga. For a Queen fan this is weird to witness I must say! But the audience was very enthusiastic indeed! They completely fell for the jokes that were adjusted for the Austrian public. A true compliment for the ones responsible for this. Again the cast was really fantastic. Of course when the song We Will Rock You began we stood up and joined the "clap-clap-stomp" movements along with the band and musicians. No one can stay in their seat at this point of the show so everybody joined in. Press photographers and some of the audience ran to the front of the stage to take pictures. One cameracrew kept filming Roger in the audience.

We had expected Brian and Roger to take their places in the audience shortly after the start of the show but alas no sign of them within our view. But shortly after the start of the second part of the show Roger walked in, together with Jim Beach. And finally, after a mindblowing evening, during Bohemian Rhapsody Brian came onto the stage and did his famous part. The audience went wild! Three, four curtain calls and constant standing ovation. 

Right after the show we went to the VIP shuttle busses that took us to the special after party venue. One big hall (a three stock high building with an open ceiling, completed with a huge WWRY flag hanging down from it) for the guests. Or course with free drinks and food that was constantly brought in. (Err... no dwarfs, topless waitresses or mud-wrestling ladies though!)
Brian, Roger and Ben attended the cast and special guests in a seperate room. Only entrance with special VIP passes. Understandingly we did not have those kind of passes but we stood right at the door and every now and then when that door opened we saw Brian and Roger talking to their guests. When the main characters of the musical arrived they were especially announced and they got a warm welcome from all of us. AFter a while Brian, Roger and Ben came into our hall and Ben gave a short speech. Quickly the three of them disappeared to continue their private party. When they walked by us we managed to say a few words to Brian and in his well known way he replied. 
At 3.30 the party was over and we went back to our hotel. The next day we managed to find one newspaper with images and story about this evening.

Our trip to Vienna proved to be a special one, having seen such a great show and having met Roger and Brian again.

On January 25th we flew back to The Netherlands with sweet memories of the show and ever so polite Austrian people we had met... 

If you wonder if you should go and see this musical:  DO ! 
It blows your mind!