May 18th 2009
Celebration of entering it's 8th year at the Dominion


Sometimes, having connections gives you some time ahead of others to arrange things.

When I heard the celebration of the 7th birthday of the WWRY Musical was to be held on May 18th I immediately booked tickets, hotel and flight.
Together with a 2 friends from the Netherlands and 2 from Belgium we travelled to London to see the show and the performance of Brian May.

On May 18th we stood at the stage door of the theatre at about 3.00 PM, but learned that Brian had already entered the theatre. He would not appear outside the theatre before the show was over, so we experienced... Jeez... this was a long wait!!
I enjoyed the musical as usual but having seen it 24 times now I sure think seeing it once a year is enough. The guy that played Galileo is not my favourite actor/singer to play this part. The audience was very enthousiastic but this night there were actually a lot of Queen fans present. I must say that at the end of the show everybody went wild, fan or no fan.
As announced, Brian would participate during the show, which obviously meant he would rise up onto the stage during Bohemian Rhapsody. As an encore the cast sang The Show Must Go On while Brian played guitar with a very nice intro. Brian introduced Ben Elton who made a short and funny speech.

After the show we went back to the stage door with about 50 other visitors. We only spotted Brian a couple of times when the stage door was opened but he did not appear outside. After about one and a half our a lot of people had left. One guy had succeeded in getting his Brian May signature Guitar signed by Brian by giving it to Pete (Brian May's personal guitar assistent). Personally I'd prefer having it signed by Brian in my own presence actually...

Finally we went to the front of the theatre and at last there he was... the genius himself being the usual down to earth guy we all know.
Everybody got a chance to get an item signed, so did my friend Mark. Mark himself surprised Brian by giving him a Queen compilation cd he had bought in China! Brian was clearly overwhelmed by this present. His response was extremely kind and warm. My Belgian friends got an item signed also and they gave Brian the picture that was taken last year after the concert at the O2, where Brian stands in the middle of the 4 of us. He liked it. As usual I asked Brian just to shake hands (no item for signing) and that was really really appreciated by Brian as well. The hours of waiting outside finally did pay off. Thanks Brian for being such a sport - AGAIN!

The next day we went to the Hard Rock Café in London to see the items they have on display. Some nice Queen items as well. I was very impressed by the display of the Jimi Hendrix items as well.

If you wonder if you should go and see this musical:  DO ! 
It blows your mind!