May 14th 2012
Dominion Theatre London


To  be honest... I wasn't going to see the musical again for a long time, I had told myself. But this 10th anniversary... I could not afford to miss it of course!

When me and my friends arrived at the Dominion Theatre (stage door) it was only after 10 minutes Brian arrived. It had to be this way. He did some signing and pictures and finally after all those years I got a posed picture of myself with Brian. He put his hand on my shoulder and tapped it a few times. I had hoped he would say: "Thanks for your support RIEN", but of course my hopes were too high on this one. But I think he recognizes our group. He does recognize others so I keep this fantasy that he knows us too :-)

For quite some time we sat at the bar opposite the back entrance to keep an eye on big cars who might bring Roger Taylor to the theatre. Soon I heard that he was already inside. We met a lot of friends at the theatre and that is always great.

The show itself was a little bit of a let down because I just have that first cast in mind. They created the personas and they played with such energy - every night. Of course this cast did their utmost too. Pop was great, Killer Queen, Khashoggi. But this Galileo just isn't my cup of tea, he has a great voice though. I just can't let go of Tony Vincent, Hannah J Fox, Sharon D Clarke and Kerry Ellis. Mazz Murray and Mig were perfect too.

At the end of the show an image of Freddie appeared and he sang the last line of Bohemian Rhapsody. It happened so fast that I missed that image. Most of us did actually. 

After the show it was waiting in the cold London temperature because my friends are eager for autographs. I admit I stay there to see Brian and Roger of course. Finally at 2.00 AM I think, a big car was moving to one exit. We followed and Roger came out of the theatre. He agreed to do autographs and pictures but told the small group: "let's keep moving". He wanted to get into the car. I succeeded in having him sign a drum stick that his son Rufus Taylor had used during the Kerry Ellis/Brian May Anthems concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Rufus had signd it already. I got if from a friend as a gift. (Great!)
I asked Roger to put his signature next to his son's, and he did.

Shortly after that Brian left and we shook hands with us and did some pictures, He looked very tired.

The "meet and greet" was the cherry on the cake as always. 

If you wonder if you should go and see this musical:  DO ! 
It blows your mind!