on 21st and 22nd October 2002


On the 21st October I saw the Musical for the 3rd time. Again the show was great.
I noticed that one scene was left out and this was a scene that in my opinion didn't make sense, so I was pleased to find it deleted.
It really is amazing how this crew keep themselves this excited and how they play the show as if it was for the first time. 
And of course they should because there are always people that visit the Musical for the first time.

After the show I decided to go to the back entrance again in hope to see Tony Vincent who plays Galileo Figaro. 
I was about the only person who stood there waiting and this time I managed to speak with Nigel Planer (Pop Idol) , Tony Vincent (Galileo Figaro), and Sharon who plays Killer Queen. All great and very nice people. They signed my programm book and agreed to be photographed with me. 

Then something happened that could be called a Miracle. Around the corner there they came, the mother and sister of Freddie Mercury, who I first had met on May 14th 2002 after the World Premiere of the Musical. They were pleased to see me again and we talked a little while. They did not do any pictures though...

They told me that they just had seen the Musical for the third time - just like me! I can only believe that Freddie Mercury was very near when I booked this evening of October 21st some months ago, because who could have ever foreseen that on that specific night his mother and sister would be there too?!

The next evening (October 22nd) I saw the Musical for the 4th time - believe me it wont get boring at all ! ! !

I am sure I will visit the Musical at least once more in future!

If you wonder if you should go and see this musical:  DO ! 
It's just great!