on 30th and 31st May 2003


On May 30th 2003 I was going to see the WWRY musical for the 5th time. The show was great, as always, but this time the sound of the voices was a bit too loud. The enthousiasm of the cast was amazing though. How do they manage to do this every performance? Some things were changed positively, like the opening after the break. You can hear Freddie sing One Vision. Formerly it was the cast who sang this. The opening of the show, with Innuendo, is just so fantastic and Queen-worthy that this could be reason alone to see the musical. Sadly the videoscreen that was used in the last part of the show, on which a fragment of the videoclip of Bohemian Rhapsody was shown, wasn't used anymore, because it didn't always function in the right way. Too bad, because the vision of Queen at that time in the musical always made the audience go wild! Finally our heroes could be seen and heard in the musical. They solved this problem in a less spectacular way. 

After the show I talked with Hanna Jane Fox who plays Scaramouche and I also had a chat with Tony Vincent. I asked him if it was possible to have a WWRY poster signed by the entire cast. We agreed that I would deliver a poster the next day between the two shows. (On Saturday they do two shows.)
What a nice guy he is! I did tell him about the fact that the voices sounded just too loud, but that I was still amazed by the show.

On May 31st 2003 I went to the Theatre and told one of the surveillants about my agreement with Tony Vincent and especially for me they opened the store where they sell merchandise so I could get a big WWRY-poster. At the backstage door I delivered the poster along with a special "gold"-marker so everyone could put their signatures onto the poster in gold.
Shortly before the show I met three friends of mine (Mark, Ralph and Paul, also from The Netherlands) and together we went back to the backstage door and waited for whoever would come out of the theatre. As you can see on the pix in the personal photograph section, we met Neil Murray, Ben Elton, Kerry Ellis (Meat) and Cameron Jack (Britney). That evening we all went to see the musical itself again.

Tony must have told the technicians about my remark about the volume of the voices, because this time everything was just perfect. The show was perfect, the energy was there, the audience replied and the cast gave it all.
When we arrived at the backstage door, Dave the doorman was already waiting for me with my WWRY-poster. Almost the entire cast had put their signatures on it! Some of the main characters were missing because the poster had gone round during their break. But soon they came out of the theatre and they also signed it. At the backstage door we spoke with Hanna (Scaramouche) again, with Sharon (Killer Queen) and with Tony Vincent (Galileo Figaro). I especially thanked Tony for giving me the idea of handing over the poster between the shows so everybody could sign it in their free time. This was the only way to succeed because you can't always recognize some people such as the Ensemble without their make-up and stage clothing. 

Tony Vincent is one of the nicest people I've ever met. Always making time for his fans. I gave him the address of my website and he promised me he'd take a look that same night! I asked him how long he would play Galileo Figaro and he thought that it would last until November 1st 2003. Then he would move on to other activities in his life. Too bad for us one should think, because I cannot image someone else playing that part. Though I must admit that the replacements for Kashoggi (Clive Carter), Pop (Mig Ayesa) and Britney Spears (Jack Cameron) are doing a great job.

We all went back home very satisfied I might say. We all got our stuff signed and we all had a chance to thank the cast, especially Tony, Hanna, Kerry and Sharon for their magnificent performances. I'm already planning to go again, perhaps before November 1st, to be sure to see Tony Vincent perform again.
This show is magic and it proves the  music of QUEEN is here to stay forever.
Our heroes Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon have made their permanent mark in history.

The statement that is written above the entrance of the Dominion Theatre says it all:


If you wonder if you should go and see this musical:  DO ! 
It's just great!