on 18th June 2003


On Wednesday 18th June 2003 together with Mark and Ralph (It was their 3rd visit), I travelled from The Netherlands to see the WWRY musical in London for the 7th time. We had "just" seen the musical two weeks before but because of the official celebration of the first year run of the musical we had decided to go again. 

We were recognised and greeted by Dave, the doorman and reunited with other Queenfans who had visited the musical two weeks before. We were even recognised by the guy who runs the WWRY shop inside the theatre. During our last visit we were interested in the amazing glass mirrors, encraved with the WWRY logo. When he spotted us he asked if we already had bought one! This is one of the nicer sidesteps of visiting the musical more often. People get to know you, such as members of the cast and even employees!

A lot of celebrities were present, Brian, Roger, Jim Beach, Peter Freestone, two main characters of the Spanish edition of the musical  etc etc. Before and after the show we spoke with Hanna J Fox, Sharon D Clarke, Kerry, Tony Vincent, AND Brian May and Roger Taylor. They all found time to put their signature on items the fans had brought with them and to make photographs. I felt this was to become a very special evening. Besides the three of us the other seats in our row (row O) stayed completely empty and so were the two seats right in front of me. The rows in front of us happened to be taken by celebrities and people selected through the WhatsOnStage community. Just before the lights went out the three of us couldn't believe our eyes. The two seats in front of us were taken by Brian May and his driver. You can imagine we completely missed out on the first minutes of the musical opening.  Believe me it's so extraordinary to witness one of the creators of the Musical - one of the members of Queen - enjoy the show in the way he did. He reacted with sincere enthousiasm and respect for the performers especially during No-One But You (the most emotional moment in the show), Somebody to Love, Headlong, Hammer To Fall, Too Much Love Will Kill You, We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions. It makes you realise even more that his heart and soul is IN this musical. It was amazing to see how he truly loves the show and the way it's performed. And it still makes him laugh, especially the way Hanna Jane Fox acts! Having witnessed this it was confirmed to me what a piece of excellent work Brian, Roger and Ben Elton (and the cast) have created and how Brian is involved in this project.  I wish I could convince everybody how great this musical is. Be part of the audience and you'll be part of a Queen party, a celebration of Queen music and homage to Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon and their everlasting music.

After the show theater awards were presented on stage to Hanna, Sharon and Tony Vincent. And to Queen the award for Best New Musical. Later that evening we went to see the Freddie Mercury Photo Exhibition that's on the first floor of the Dominion. (Brian, Tony and some others of the cast showed up also).

Btw, the statue of Freddie outside the Dominion is impressive, even though his face differs from the statue in Montreux. Though the statue in Montreux shows more resemblence to Freddie, the one on the Dominion still looks great, especially when you look at it right from beneath it. 

Well, it was a splendid evening that I sure will remember!

If you wonder if you should go and see this musical:  DO ! 
It's just great!