and my first Queen afterparty


For months I had hoped to get a ticket for this WWRY Premiere in Cologne, but the odds seemed to be against me for a very long time. Only in the last week there came this opportunity, as mentioned on Brian May's website, to order the last tickets through the German ticket-office. We (the friends with whom I have travelled to London so often and myself) managed to buy tickets so finally it was going to happen again! We knew we were going to meet more friends there because some were able to get tickets through the Dutch Queen Fan Club. 

"It's Winter Fall" so we arrived in a freezing cold Cologne. We were happy to park the car right under the Musical Dome (the WWRY theater), collected our tickets and then strolled through the crowded streets of Cologne. In this time of the year one cannot escape the smell and scent of Christmas that fills the historical streets of this town. There isn't much advertising about the musical in the city streets at the moment but I'm sure this will change.

We made sure we got back to the Musical Dome in time to see who would walk on the red carpet. There we were joined by more Dutch,  Belgian and German friends with whom we have shared so many great occasions concerning Queen. We all were lucky to get hold of those (expensive!) premiere tickets. We also met some guys from France. They did not have tickets, but made the journey anyway.

Through Hannie and Anja from the Dutch Queen Fan Club we received the special entrance tickets for the Queen afterparty. These came along with our Premiere tickets. We did not recognize many of the German guests/celebrities that entered the Musical Dome, but at the very last minute there they were: Brian May and Roger Taylor quickly came inside. It took them less than a minute it seemed, to go to their seats! We hurried to get to our own places and then the musical started.

As expected this German cast is great too. Personally I appreciate the Dominion cast more, but of course by now we know them so well and also the British humor is better to understand for us,  than the German humor. It was refreshing to see new stage elements and to notice where the script was changed for the German public. It proved to be very funny and recognisable for them. Those responsible for the script, like Ben Elton, did an amazing job to achieve this. At the end of the show, Brian and Roger shortly went on stage.

And then there was the afterparty, held at the Flora. This is an historical building, formerly a greenhouse built in the 19th century, and nowadays used as a luxurious banqueting place. The historic ballroom was crowded when the WWRY cast began their performances. Then after a short break Brian and Roger came on stage and did a fantastic show. This really seemed to be a "warming up" for the announced tour of Brian and Roger for coming Spring. It was really fantastic to hear them play the Queentracks I'm In Love With My Car, The Show Must Go On, Sleeping On The Sidewalk, Don't Stop Me Now and more. We managed to have a place right at the stage, as close to our heroes as we could get. The old songs made me relive listening to the Queen albums in the early days. 
By the way, it was absolutely forbidden to take pictures while Brian and Roger were on stage. Jim Beach made that perfectly clear!

The setlist was: 
Now I'm here (WWRY cast)

Tie Your Mother Down 
I'm in Love with My Car
Little Wing
Don't Stop Me Now 
Sleeping on the Sidewalk
The Show must go On 
Rock & Roll
With A Little Help From My Friends

It really showed that Brian and Roger are true friends. They had a great time playing together. You can tell they are having fun, those two old buddies. I sure look forward to see them touring again. 

We left at 03.00 hrs totally exhausted and completely over the moon after this spectacular evening.

Again our visit to the We Will Rock You musical was an experience to remember!
Again our visit to the We Will Rock You musical was an experience to remember!

If you wonder if you should go and see this musical:  DO ! 
It blows your mind!