1000th Dominion Show !
and me being live interviewed on Dutch Radio for the 3rd time!


ws your mind!

On the 12th January 2005 the We Will Rock You Musical was performed for the 1000th time in the Dominion Theatre.

Brian and Roger were present of course. Too bad I wasn't !

A Dutch radio programm called Schiffers.FM asked me if I would like to be interviewed for a couple of minutes in their radio show that afternoon. This would be the third time they invited me. The first time was the day after the WWRY premiere, when I still was in London, and the second time was when this programm had a subject about the Freddie Mercury Tribute - 10 Years After, and they knew I had been there at Wembley Stadium in 1992. 

They admitted that for this last show, about the 1000th WWRY performance, I was their second choice...
This proved not to be so bad after all, because their first choice was Brian May himself! Well, I have no bad feelings being second after that guy! :-)

It was nice to be in their show again, for just a couple of minutes. We talked about the Musical, it's strength to reach the 1000th performance, being played in 6 countries, the donations for Asia and the upcoming tour.

If you understand Dutch you can listen to this 3-minute interview here.


If you wonder if you should go and see this musical:  DO ! 
It blows your mind!