October 29th 2005


After the Queen + Paul Rodgers live concert in Wembley Pavillion, 11th May 2005, Mark and myself were standing at the back entry of the Pavillion, where the afterparty was held. Hannah J. Fox who plays Scaramouche in the WWRY musical happened to be there too and when she came outside she spotted us and gave us a warm welcome. She told us in confidence that she would play Scaramouche on 29th October for the last time. Of course we promised to be there. Back home I ordered tickets for the musical for that date and also for October the 28th. 
For months this date was mentioned on Hannah's site and we expected Brian May to be there also. After all, Hannah was Scaramouche since the premiere of the musical. We knew Queen + Paul Rodgers would be touring Japan around that date, but for months there was this gap in the sequence of Japanese dates so we started to believe Brian would make a quick return to England to be present. Shortly before October 29th Hannah made clear on her website that her departure from the musical was delayed until January 2006 and at the same time October 29th was added as a concert date for Queen and Paul Rodgers in Japan...
Well... seeing the musical is great fun everytime so it was no problem to us that this wasn't Hannah's final performance.
During our visits to the musical we made contact with more members of the cast and of the band, such as Tony Bourke, the drummer. For quite some time he had promised us to have a couple of beers after the show and this time he had sent us an email in which he promised us that this time it was going to happen! We met Tony after the show on Friday 28th October and he confirmed his promise.
That Friday after the show Hannah came to us at the backstage door (we were about the only three waiting there) and she reminded us of our meeting at Wembley Pavillion and asked us how many Queen + Paul Rodgers concerts we had seen. In return I reminded her of her statement that she would be leaving the 29th but immediately added that it was great that she had decided to stay on a little longer! She understood we had travelled to London especially for her, to wave her goodbye, but I made clear that the WWRY musical itself is reason enough to come to London and we were not "let down" by her. 

On Saturday 29th we talked to some die-hard WWRY musicalfans we had met many times before. Both evenings were great but we noticed that many Hannah fans were present on the 29th October. It's amazing how Hannah still gets most of the laughs from the audience. She sure will be missed when she has left the cast.
After the show we talked with Peter Johansson, the latest Galileo, a very nice chap. On both nights we saw two different guys play the role of Khashoggi, the new Pop is very funny too and so is the new Britney. The show keeps changing and that keeps it fresh for the cast and for the returning fans. 

We also spoke with Neil Murray and of course Tony Bourke. He showed us the bar he would be waiting for us, beers and wine would be there for us and he gave us some time to wait for members of the cast before we would join him in that bar. What a nice guy Tony is. After the many times we've met and had some contact through mail we (my friends, Tony and me) became friends. We had some drinks with Tony and we promised to come back again. We also met some other Queen fans, one of them had seen Queen live as support act to Mott The Hoople! In that bar we also spoke with the musical e as support act to Mott The Hoople! In that bar we also spoke with the musical director and the stage director of the musical.

Again this was a great weekend in London. 

If you wonder if you should go and see this musical:  DO ! 
It blows your mind!